What’s up wedding vendor FRIENDS!

You’ve been directed here because you are amazing at what you do. We have shared a gallery of wedding photos or video from an event that we worked on with YOU! It was an amazing experience. We had a great time! We thought you might be able to use these killer photo or video assets to promote what a great job you do. 

We simply ask that in exchange for images or video you’ve received at no cost, you agree to adhere to the guidelines we’ve outlined below. We politely request you read through the information and let me know if anything is unclear or you have an idea for using the images or video in a way that isn’t covered here.

The most important condition of our image usage rights is that you do not crop the image or video in any way and keep the watermark in its entirety.

We also ask that, when you can, you provide a link back to our website:


These images have been formatted for use on websites and social media including Weddingwire, The Knot, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It should be as simple as downloading and then dragging and dropping to the desired platform.

If you require the use of images for website headers or print, please reach out to us directly so we can provide correct sizing and formatting for your required usage.


  • The use of filters on photos is not permitted. Don’t crop or alter the photos.
  • Please don’t use these for TV commercials, billboards, etc. That is beyond the scope of free usage and will require a paid commercial license. I would also consider it appropriate in this case to get the couple’s express permission.
  • Please don’t sell the these, nor create assets intended for resale or other distribution, whether digital or physical.
  • Please don’t share with any other businesses. If anyone’s interested in using them for any reason, please refer them to us.
  • Please don’t ask the wedding couple directly for the gallery link. This puts them in a tough position, because they’re already bound by the terms of our contract, which forbids this.
  • No assignment of copyright shall be implied. Copyright remains with the content creator.
  • All content is provided “as is”.


  • Social Media (like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn). Ads on these platforms are permitted, with credit only (see below).
  • Website usage on your own website (such as blog posts, portfolio, sales page or your homepage).
  • Email marketing & distribution (for example Mailchimp or ConvertKit newsletter)
  • Printed flyers and mailshots
  • PR Assets with restriction

Our social media handles are:

Instagram @cufflinkmedia

Facebook @cufflinkmedia

Pinterest @cufflinkmedia


Credit must be given to Cufflink Media as the author of the work, every time it is posted to social media. Don’t worry about ‘bugging’ me if it’s months or years later. I still would like to be tagged!

Please tag at the time of posting. The tagging should be done by ‘mentioning/ tagging user’ within the picture or video AND in the caption that accompanies the picture underneath. Both methods should be used. Thank you.

We love sharing our work with fellow vendors and hope to see our photography on your websites and social platforms. Share away ; )