The Todays Bride Wedding Show at the IX Center was a whirlwind of romance and excitement, with thousands of brides and an array of vendors vying for attention. Among them, Cuff Link Media stood out as Cleveland’s premier wedding photography and videography company, ready to turn your dream wedding into stunning visual memories.

But now that the show’s excitement has settled, it’s time to focus on the next steps in your wedding planning journey. Here’s a guide on how to effectively follow up with your favorite wedding vendors, including the fabulous team at Cuff Link Media.

  • Prioritize and Personalize: Amidst the sea of vendors, it’s essential to prioritize those that truly resonate with you. Cuff Link Media’s stellar reputation as Cleveland’s largest, best, and most reviewed wedding photography and videography company makes them a standout choice. Personalize your follow-up by referencing specific aspects of their work that captured your heart.
  • Initiate Meaningful Connections: Reach out to your favorite vendors with genuine enthusiasm. Whether through calls, emails, or Zoom meetings, express your excitement for their services and your eagerness to learn more. Cuff Link Media’s commitment to excellence and personalized approach ensures that every couple receives the attention they deserve.
  • Seize the SpecialsNow is the time to take advantage of exclusive show specials! For a limited time, Cuff Link Media is offering incredible packages, including 8 hours of photography coverage for only $1800 and a 5-minute highlight reel with 8 hours of videography for just $2000. Plus, you can add a second videographer and ceremony film for only $500 more. With over $1000 in savings, these specials won’t last long!

Don’t let the post-show excitement fade away – follow up with your favorite wedding vendors, including Cuff Link Media, and secure these amazing deals before they’re gone. Your dream wedding awaits, and Cuff Link Media is here to capture every unforgettable moment!

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