While driving to this venue, you feel quiet and peace. The fields and forestry away from the city make you wonder about weddings back in the day. And this is coming from someone who is only twenty-three! For some people, having their wedding in an urban location fits their personality. But if you’re looking for a rural escape, then this venue is the one.

The Barn & Gazebo Ltd. is quite straightforward with it’s name: it’s a gorgeous barn and gazebo package, perfect for summer and autumn weddings and spacious enough to hold a large amount of people. If you’re inviting every Cousin Jack and Cousin Jill, the barn should be accommodating due to three floors of seating, gallery room and homey-attitude which means that even if you max capacity the space, it’s not going to seem tight, but cozy and warm. 

When it comes to the videography this venue is going to look amazing without any filters or edits. But for a little bit of flavor and spice, sepia tones could enrich the timber and wood of the barn and gazebo. Outside, flashes of green, yellow and pink could sell a spring theme; yellow, white and orange could be used for the summer; yellow, orange and red could be used for the autumn. 

The Barn meanwhile looks great at all times of the day and with all weather conditions. Your wedding videographer will plan ahead for all conditions and styles, and editing will lighten the dark and darken the light. The unique second floor space is perfect for playing contrast. The third floor will provide unique shots both of the ceiling but of the bottom floors. Film taken down from the third floor will be shockingly amazing.

If they’re careful, your videographer might be able to fly a drone through the barn. Either way, the property would be perfect for droning, especially the gazebo.

Strengthsperfect venue for rural, rustic and naturalistic, grooms who like hunting and the forest would love this venue. A gorgeous venue which makes for easy videography, which in turn can me playful cuts and edits.