When you think of drones, you might not think of wedding videography. But one of the biggest trends in wedding videography are drones! When we talk about drones in this article, we aren’t talking about large drones or airplanes! We’re talking about small little cameras attached to baby helicopters. Drones are “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs) which are guided by a videographer who can see a live shot of what the drone is currently filming.

Drones are very cinematic, providing bird eye’s view of the ceremony. If your ceremony is taking place somewhere spacious, then the drone is a perfect addition. You can have the drone doing large-scale shots or small-scale. Anything and everything in-between! 

What makes drones different from regular cameras are that there is a ‘flight pattern’ to drones which doesn’t exist when it comes to regular videography. For example, you hold a camera and take a selfie or a photo of a friend. But with drones, you have to direct the camera in flight. It takes an expert videographer to handle flight patterns.

In particular,  Cuff Link Media’s drone, DJI Phantom 4 Pro has excellent flight and balance, and holds pretty steady. Only rain threatens this drone, high and fast wind isn’t preferred, although the drone adjusts well in wind.

Are you wondering if videography is worth the price? Absolutely if you’re looking for next-level professional footage for your wedding.  Cuff Link media has packages that include drone footage.  The benefits of drones are great and artistic, elevating a special day into an unforgettable special day.