C lassical Music: Whether backed up by an orchestra or just a couple strings twirling some magic together, there’s something about strings, horns and piano which are just perfect as a backdrop to showcase your wedding day. You can go old school with classics like Mozart or Bach although many are turning to more modern orchestral scores.

Tropical Pop-Dance: It’s fresh, it’s summeresque and it’s the perfect way to bop and groove while watching your wedding day flash before your eyes. Whether you go with a classic Beach Boys style or substitute for one of the many pop jams with tropical flavors. If your wedding is outside, or otherwise connected to a beach or the season of sun, tropical would be the way to go!

Folk: A very underrated musical genre in general, but perfect in the amount of ways it can be utilized in the final projects of your wedding videos. Folk comes in a wide musical variety, spanning instruments used, tempo, inflection and range. If your wedding takes place in a rustic or rural location, the visual aesthetics will coexist well with the folk tune of your choice.

Pop and Electronic: Another wide genre with a full variety of music, filled with driving electronic beats, catchy choruses and a lot of fun. If you like high energy and feel that your wedding’s energy is danceable, these are the sounds you want to use. Electronic and pop are very wide: techno, trance, ambient, calm, swift, relaxing, quick, low…I could use synonyms for days!

Acoustic Instrumental: So you love a wild, crazy energetic song but it doesn’t exactly fit your wedding day’s aesthetic. Well if the song is a hit, there might be an acoustic reworking of the track. It’s a longshot, but acoustic instrumental tracks may be the way to go in general. If you’re looking for a light touch to your video, this is the way to go!