On the corner of Carnegie Avenue stands one of the tallest buildings in University Circle. On the outside, the building carries a flair of European architecture and internally, combines a new-age hotel with ballrooms carved out of post-renaissance Europe.

Celebrities, socialites and now Cleveland weddings have visited the building, evolving the space to meet a variety of demands. When I was present there last Saturday for a wedding, I was greeted by two well-decorated yet vastly different rooms.

The Crystal Ballroom balances wood and stone which creates an old English vibe. It transports the attendee into a romantic past, a perfect venue for a romantic or historian type individual. Some concepts that the videographer can play with is either soft white or even soft pink filters, the white accents the space, while the pink filter plays with the romanticism of the venue.

There’s a second floor balcony overlooking the room which means with a second shooter, you could get some beautiful shots of the crowd, or a bird’s eye view of the wedding moment itself.

The Tudor Ballroom is a scene straight out of an Italian/Venetian street, filled with chandeliers, mirrors and stunning paintings. It’s a gorgeous backdrop for videography, especially if you have custom lighting set-up. But even without lighting, the scene makes for a magical experience straight out of a fairytale.

Your videographer will have fun, especially with the natural gorgeous decorations of the room. Then, added with your personal decorations such as centerpieces and table decor, you’ll have quite the visual presentation.